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S3 Human Science Last update - 04 September 2014 Official European School Human Science Years 1-3 Syllabus: English, French, German.
Unit 2 - Geography - The Mediterranean Region - The Restless Earth
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The Restless Earth

Plate boundaries and the location of volcanoes and earthquakes in the Mediterranean. Study of one volcano (e.g. Etna) and one recent earthquake

Key Words Plate boundary, magma, lava, volcano, eruption, earthquake, Richter scale.

See the official s3 textbook for the Mediterranean World on Geography.

Restless Earth 1 - cross section of the Earth. PDF.

Video explaining the structure of the earth and plate tectonic theory.

Excellent animations and explanations from Interactives - Dynamic Earth.

Video - Liz Bonnin explains the Earth's inner structure using a plum to show the different layers inside our planet.

Video BBC Earth Physical - Includes a series of videos about physical geographical features including plates.
My favourite set of videos on the 'restless earth' topic is Iain Stewart's BBC series The Power of the Planet.

Perhaps the most entertaining and CGI impressive videos are Richard Hammond's Journey to the centre of the planet and Journey to the bottom of the ocean.

Is a new tectonic plate being created? BBC News September 2012.

Restless Earth 2 - plate tectonics. PDF.

Pangea cutouts activity and blank maps for drawing in plate boundaries.


BBC school animations  explaining plate tectonics and this BBC special on plate tectonics.

BBC video on Pangea

Video - Iain Stewart visits the Mid-Atlantic Ridge in Thingvellir, Iceland, a place where it's possible to see the divide between two of the Earth's plates on land. See complete video.


Restless Earth 3 - origins of the Mediterranean PDF

Extract from BBC documentary The First Eden: The Mediterranean World and Man.

Video on the origins of the Mediterranean. BBC article on recent findings.
David Attenborough's fantastic history-geography documentary series of the Mediterranean -  The First Eden. An excellent way to improve your English

Iain Stewart explains the geological history of the Mediterranean. (Video)
National Geographic TV produced a geological history, 'The birth of Europe' in glorious HD


Restless Earth 4 - Etna: a case study PDF

Dr Iain Stewart video on volcanoes as seen in the lesson. See complete video.

BBC animation explaining how volcanoes are formed. (Full screen)

A selection of videos from the BBC and National Geographic and recent film of Etna from Euronews.

Video - David Attenborough on lava. See the BBC for the latest on Etna.


Restless Earth 5 - earthquakes PDF

Images on the effects of earthquakes

National Geographic introductory video about earthquakes. BBC animation explaining how earthquakes happen. (Full screen)

How a seismograph works.

Interactivities - Dynamic Earth on earthquakes. PBS website lets you move your own plate boundaries.


Restless Earth 6 - Izmit: a case study PDF and tectonic plates blank map PDF. BBC video on a future earthquake in Turkey.

Turkish earthquake 23 October 2011

Will we ever be able to predict earthquakes? BBC investigation.


Restless Earth 7 - earthquake research fact file Word doc.
Restless Earth -
revision quiz

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