International School History - European Schools - S6 4 hour option

S6 4hr History Last update - 09 November 2017 Official European School History S6 Syllabus: English, French, German
Optional Theme - 6.4B Culture and Society before 1945 - syllabus

In S6, all four hour history students have to complete a Personal Research Study. To fulfill this requirement I invite my students to research and produce a short documentary film on a subject of their choice, broadly covering the 'Theme 6.4B Culture and Society before 1945'.

There are three key assessment objectives:

1. Initial research and planning. Students are assessed on their ability to identify an appropriate, 'significant' subject for study and to plan a methodology of how the project will be completed. See the planning and approval sheet to be completed and returned.

2. The documentary film. Completed in pairs, no longer than 5 minutes in length (not including exposition and credits) using a range prescribed documentary film making techniques. See this section of the website for techniques.

3. The abstract and bibliography. In 300 words or less, students must explain the historical significance of their study, the method they adopted and the conclusion they reached. They must also include a list of references of all works used and cited in the project.

The following are a small selection of some of the most interesting films produced since the new syllabus began in 2013. You are invited to view the films and then vote for your favourite using the online poll opposite.


2016 Films    
Film 1 - Alex and Notis Film 2 - Elsa and Lara Film 3- Melanie and Marie Film 4 - Nick and Frieda
2015 Films
Film 1 - Ben and Guillermo Film 2 - Hana Film 3 - Erik
Film 4 - Grégoire Film 5 - Krishan Film 6 - Stylianos
2014 Films      
Film 1 - Alkistis and Joana Film 2 - Amanda and Luca Film 3 - David and Marek Film 4 - Ioannis and Ruairi
Film 5 - Jacob and Rick Film 6 - Katerina and Sonia Film 7 - Laura and Viktoria Film 8 - Martin and Romain



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