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Unit 3 - 1921-1934: Boom and Bust

European School Brussels III - S6 Films 2013

Welcome to the annual USA 1920s documentary film making gallery of completed films. Please consider the aims of the activity and then view the completed documentaries below.

Once all films have been viewed please vote for your favourite in our online poll opposite.


  1. To make a short (2 minute maximum) documentary about the USA in the 1920sr.

  2. The documentary must be deliberately one sided, presenting the USA in the 1920s as either  wholly positive or negative.

  3. The documentary should be researched and narrated by each student individually.

  4. Students are encouraged to include edited archive video and appropriate music to enhance their film..

S6 Documentary Films for 2013

Film 1 - Eleni Film 2 - Juan

Film 3 - Ester Film 4 - Jonathan

Film 5 - Elizabeth Film 6 - Sophie

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