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S7 History Last update - 23 April 2023 Official European School History S6 Syllabus: English, French, German
Textbook and resources lists for 4 option history in S7

The new syllabus from September 2013 and printable outline of the S7 history syllabus for four hour history.

Compulsory Core Europe 4
Post-war Europe
Compulsory Core Europe 5
Eastern Europe, Western Europe (1949-1973)
Compulsory Core Europe 6
Europe from dictatorship to democracy (1974 - 1995)
Compulsory Core Europe 7
Europe in the making
(1945 to today)
Compulsory Theme 7.4A
Cold War and international relations since 1945
Compulsory Theme 7.4B
China since 1949
Compulsory Theme 7.4C
Decolonisation and independence since 1945
What is History?
A short introduction to the philosophy of history.
Revision for Pre-Bac
Revision for Bac
The syllabus for the pre-2013 syllabus is still available thought the following links
Europe 1945-57 China 1945-76 Cold War 1945-91 USA 1945-80 Revision: Pre-Bac and Bac

The ultimate quiz World History 1945-95

The earlier version of this website is still available at the following links

1945-1950 1950-1960 1960-1973 1974-1995  



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